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Hip vs. Gable Roof: Which is Best for You?

Hip vs. Gable Roof: Which is Best for You?

Hip vs. Gable Roof Which is Best for You

If you’re redoing your roof, roof shape is something that you need to consider. There are two types of roof shapes: hip and gable. Hip and gable roofs have differences in style and budgetary constraints, and at Roof Evolution, we can help you choose which roof shape is right for you.

Hip Roofs

A hip roof is a roof shape that has four equal sides that come together to create a ridge. A hip-pitched roof is known for being sturdy because its shape of it can deflect elements like heavy snow and rain.

While there are many benefits to having a hip pitched roof, they can get expensive. Compared to the gable roof shape, hip-pitched roofs tend to be costlier.

There are three types of hip roofs:

  1. Simple hip roof: Composed of polygons on two sides and triangles on the remaining two sides, then joined at the top to create a ridge.
  2. Cross-hipped roof: Two sections of the house meet to create a valley.
  3. Half hipped roof: Regular hip roof with shortened sides to create eaves.

Gable Roofs

Between a hip and gable roof, the gable roof is less expensive. It is typically built in the shape of a triangle, and well-built gable roofs can also deflect rain and snow. But there can be trouble in paradise if your gable roof is poorly constructed – during high winds, weak gable roofs are susceptible to collapsing, deteriorating, or peeling. Always check on the integrity of your gable roof after severe storms.

Gable roofs are commonly less expensive because they are simpler to build and use fewer materials than a hip roof does.

There are four types of gable roofs:

  1. Front gables: Usually seen at the entrance of the home.
  2. Crossed gable: Two sections of a gable roof that join to create a right angle.
  3. Side gable: Side gables that are pitched to form an arch and meet in the middle of the house.
  4. Dutch gable: Combination of a gable and hip roof.

Which is Best?

Choosing which type of roof is best for you depends on your home and your budget, along with what weather conditions are common in your area. While a hip roof can guarantee a sturdier structure, they come at a higher price. But while gable roofs are more affordable, they are more vulnerable to damage.

For help in deciding which roof is suitable for you, get in touch with the pros at Roof Evolution today.

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