Roof Installation: Can You Do Roof Replacement in The Winter

Roof Installation Can You Do Roof Replacement in The Winter

Winter brings snowfall, high winds, ice, and thawing, in addition to extreme temperatures that can cause excessive strain on your roof. At times, winter weather conditions cause damage – leading to the need for replacing a roof. Many homeowners have questions when facing sudden damages to their roof in winter: Can I replace my roof in winter?

Roofing companies work year-round. A new roof installation in winter is possible despite less-than-desirable weather conditions.

There are some things to consider when planning winter roof replacement.

Weather Conditions & Concerns

Cold temperatures, ice, and high winds are concerns for winter roof work on your home. A roof replacement must be carefully timed for optimal conditions. Roofing professionals can work in the snow when temperatures are ideal for the roofing materials and tools to work correctly. Planning a roof replacement in winter may require patience regarding timing due to weather conditions and safety concerns.

Tools and Crew Considerations

During a winter roof replacement, roofing crews must take extra safety precautions. Roofing in the winter may require the use guardrails or other safety equipment to prevent crews from slipping and falling. Cold weather also affects roofing equipment and supplies. Nail guns and shingles work best at temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Winter Roof Replacement Pros and Cons


  • Roofing companies are not as busy during winter, which means faster service for you!
  • Less risk of damage to lawns and gardens.
  • The warmth from your heating system can promote the adhesion of roofing materials.
  • Replacing a roof in winter prevents further damage to your roof and home.


  • Working with roofing materials is more difficult.
  • Safety concerns for the roofing contractor and crew.
  • Delays due to severe weather.

Roof Evolution

Although getting a new roof in winter presents several challenges for roofing contractors, a professional Colorado roofing company like Roof Evolution is prepared to tackle harsh winter conditions. Roof Evolution is here to help you all year long, including through Denver’s snowy winter months.

We have over 25 years of experience serving customers in the Denver area. As a Denver, Colorado, commercial and residential roofing company, we are very familiar with Colorado winters.

We’re ready to help you answer all your questions about residential or commercial roofing needs. If you need an inspection, repairs, a roof replacement, or more information about roofing services from a local roofing company, please contact us today!

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