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Colorado Commercial and Home Roof Replacements

Free Roof Inspections

Identifying roof problems is not an easy task. It takes an expert to spot signs of weakness, instability, and other inherent issues with a roof’s structure. However, when ignored, these problems can become a significant cause of concern. So, it is important to stay proactive and perform regular roof inspections.

At Roof Evolution, we offer a free roof inspection service conducted by our roofing crew with over 20 years of combined experience. When in doubt, you can call our experts to analyze the condition of your roof. We can help you identify and evaluate:

  • Any weakness in roof’s structure
  • The current condition of surface components installed on the roof
  • Signs of wear, rot, and leaks
Claiming Insurance​ for your roof

Claiming Insurance

A storm can cause severe damage to your roof and leave you in a stressful condition. Even when the storm has passed by, many people get anxious because they are worried about the tedious insurance procedure.

At Roof Evolution, we have got you covered when it comes to filing an insurance claim. You can give us the authorization to meet with your insurance claim adjusters, and we will take over from there. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to explain all the facts and the extent of roof damage to the insurance company’s representatives. They also know every step that you need to take while claiming for insurance to make the process simple, smooth, and straightforward for you.

Residential and Commercial Roof Maintenance ​

Residential and Commercial Roof Maintenance Services in Colorado

It is easy to forget about roof maintenance when you have other things on your mind. However, it has been found that performing timely maintenance is the best way to reduce roof repair and replacement costs. With Roof Evolution as your roofing contractor, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your residential and commercial properties.

We have a specialist crew that identifies signs of damage and prevents premature roof failure. We stay proactive and fix minor issues before they turn into more significant problems. As a result, you can avoid costlier repairs and minimize your headaches. We provide roof maintenance services in Colorado and surrounding areas. Our team of experts can help you keep your roof in top condition with our routine maintenance services.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs in Denver

The health of a commercial and industrial roof is essential for a business to operate smoothly. Any damage to the roof can bring work to a halt and hamper revenue generation. “Did you know that if a leak develops because of wear and tear or lack of maintenance it won’t be covered by your insurance? That is why regular inspection or so critical to keep your business operating without interruptions.

Roof Evolution has the know-how, skill, and experience to identify the extent of roof damage and perform repairs accordingly. Our repairing experts can resolve common issues such as leaks and missing shingles just as quickly and efficiently as they can fix complex structural weaknesses and stability problems. Our highly- proficient, insured, and licensed crew leave no stones unturned when repairing roof damage of commercial and industrial establishments.

Colorado Commercial and Home Roof Replacements Services

The extreme weather conditions in Colorado can be rough on roofs. Whether you own a small retail store or a plush house in Colorado, you will eventually have to replace your roof after it has taken enough damage.

Our crew at Roof Evolution has been performing roof replacements for residential properties and commercial establishments for many years. Depending on the extent of damage, we can advise whether you need repairs or complete roof replacement.

When it comes to replacing a roof in Denver, we can provide you with a wide range of options regarding the installation process and materials. Our crew specializes in roof replacements for all sorts of commercial and residential properties.

Colorado Roof Gutters Expert

Gutters Expert

The gutter system is vital for directing the flow of water away from the roof. However, when it malfunctions, the water can stagnate due to the accumulated debris. And, this can be a huge problem. But you need not worry when you have a gutter expert like Roof Evolution just a phone call away.

Our crew at Roof Evolution specializes in building top-quality gutters and downspout systems at attractively low prices. Using the best building material and equipment, we ensure that the gutter system is durable and withstands the onslaught of inclement weather conditions in Colorado. We offer a wide range of gutter-related services that include gutter installation, cleaning, and repair.



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In Colorado, the weather is very unpredictable. Hailstorms, snowfall, and heavy rain are very common. The extreme weather conditions are tough on the roofs, which means your house or commercial building will eventually require repairs or replacements.

By choosing a trustworthy roofing contractor like Roof Evolution, you give yourself the best chance of surviving the onslaught of weather with minimal damage. All our crew members are licensed, insured, and experienced. They excel at building new roofs, replacing existing roofs, and performing repairs. At Roof Evolution, we also provide our customers with free roof inspection service and help them in the insurance claim process.

Why Choose Our Roofing Service Today

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