What You Should Know Before You Begin Installing a Skylight

What You Should Know Before You Begin Installing a Skylight

Many homeowners choose to add skylights to a room in their home to let more natural light into the space. They’re often ideal in areas where privacy is a concern or wall space is limited.

If you’re thinking about having a skylight installed, take a look at five things you should consider before you begin the process.

Consider Your Roof Type

Stick-framed roofs are ideal for skylight installation, but if you happen to have a truss-framed roof, you may still be able to have a skylight installed. It’s essential to be aware of your roof type, though, so you can make educated choices about the size and material you’re choosing for your skylight. Truss-framed roofs will require smaller, lighter skylights.

Skylight Location

Ideally, your new skylight will let light into a specific space, so choosing the right location is crucial. Avoid selecting a spot where other buildings or tall trees block the view. Additionally, planning your skylight’s angle is a key consideration. If possible, install your skylight in a north-facing direction.

Skylight Material

Part of planning out your new skylight involves choosing a material that fits within your stylistic expectations and your installation budget. The desired shape and size of your skylight may factor into your material choice. You’ll want to consider whether you want a glass or plastic skylight and flat or domed material.

Major Hazards

If you’re thinking about a DIY skylight installation, you should probably reconsider this step unless you have experience with this type of work. While it may seem like a good idea to cut skylight installation costs by doing the work yourself, much can go wrong.

If you install a skylight without being 100% sure of your work, you may find yourself dealing with roof leaks later on. Additionally, if your skylight isn’t completely secure, there’s a chance that it could detach from the roof.

Your best bet to protect your home and your skylight investment is to hire a professional roofing company for the project.

Professional Assistance

If you’re interested in hiring a roofing company for your skylight installation, you might be sifting through several options depending on where you live.

An effective way to narrow down your options is to look for a local roofing company with several years of experience working in your area. You’ll also want to verify that the company you’re considering is licensed and insured. Finally, take a look at the company’s reviews on third-party sites to help you decide whether this company is right for you.

For homeowners residing in and around the Englewood, CO area, Roofing Evolution is a professional, local roofing company with years of experience serving our community. If you’re thinking about having a skylight installed in your home, call us at (720) 334-7311.

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