Does It Take a Professional to Be Able to Point Out a Bad Roof Installation?

Does It Take a Professional to Be Able to Point Out a Bad Roof Installation

Often, a homeowner doesn’t know what to expect when they have a new roof installed. When the finished project doesn’t look right, it can leave the individual second-guessing their own impressions.

While a roofing professional should ultimately determine whether a roofing installation has been done correctly, it doesn’t always take a keen eye to discover a problem.

Read on to learn what to look for when examining your roof installation, so you can determine when to call a professional roofing company.

Do You Suspect A Problem?

In some cases, it doesn’t take a professional to point out a bad roof installation. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your roof at a glance, there’s a good chance you’re right to be concerned. When a roof installation looks questionable even to an untrained eye, there’s likely a serious problem with the structure that needs to be addressed.

Look for the following signs of a bad roof installation to confirm your suspicions.

Obvious Signs of A Bad Roof Installation

Some of the most glaring issues can be impossible to miss, and if you notice any one of them, it’s probably time to consult with a professional roofer.

  • Lackluster or absent roof evaluation performed before roofing work started
  • The roof does not appear uniform
  • Dips on the roof that collect water, snow, or debris
  • Stains on your ceiling
  • Roof damage has become visible
  • Roof leaks

Less Noticeable Signs of A Bad Roof Installation

Some signs of a bad roof installation are a little more difficult to notice, but you might spot some of these problems upon inspection.

  • Poor nailing technique: Over-driven or under-driven nails, using nails that rust, or spacing nails improperly
  • No drip edge: A drip edge is metal flashing installed at the edge of your roof. Without this component, water can get behind your gutters and rot the fundamental layers of the roof.
  • Missing or damaged shingles

Should You Call A Professional Roofer?

If you suspect something is wrong with your roof, it can’t hurt to consult with a professional roofer. Representatives from a reputable roofing company are trained to notice obvious and relatively well-hidden installation issues. By reaching out to a local roofer, you can have the peace of mind to know whether your roof needs repairs or replacement.

Additionally, in some situations, a professional roofer can help you determine your next steps if they discover that the previous roofer performed the installation poorly. A professional roofer can often assist homeowners with collecting evidence of poor roofing installations so that the homeowner can present the information to the necessary parties.

If you suspect that your home has undergone a bad roof installation, or you’d simply like a second opinion, reach out to Roof Evolution. Our roofing professionals can evaluate the integrity of your roof and help you plan your next steps if repairs are needed.

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