Re-Roof vs New Roof: When to Consider a Re-Roofing

When Is It Necessary to Repair the Roof Instead of Reroofing

Addressing roof damage is a necessary part of being a homeowner, but many individuals dread this obligation due to the hassle and cost of roofing repair and replacement. If you’ve heard of re-roofing, you might be wondering whether it’s an avenue to explore. Before you start Googling “re-roofing near me,” let’s go over the basics of re-roofing and in which situations it’s appropriate for home repair.

What is Re-roofing?

Re-roofing is a term that’s used to describe roofing repair when only minor damage is present. This method is intended for restoring parts of a roof when only a single layer of shingles needs to be covered.

Re-roofing a house is the more affordable option when compared to full roof replacement, but it’s only ideal in certain situations, which we will cover in this article.

Levels of Roof Repair

To determine whether re-roofing is the best option, homeowners must first determine the level of repair needed.

  • Re-roofing: best for minor damage
  • Moderate repair: may be needed for single shingles, moderate damage, or damage that is greater than 10’x10’ in size
  • Roof replacement: necessary when significant damage has occurred

When Is Re-roofing Ideal?

Choosing between re-roofing vs. roof replacement isn’t always easy, especially when a homeowner isn’t familiar with the severity of the roof damage sustained. If this is the case, it’s best to contact an experienced roofing company so that a professional can evaluate the damage.

Generally, re-roofing is ideal when a relatively new roof only has a single layer of shingles to cover, and the affected area is easy to fix and smaller than 10’x10’. However, re-roofing an extremely small section of the roof may not be ideal either, since re-roofing may cause the roof to appear uneven if only a shingle or two are restored.

This repair method is also a reasonable option for homeowners dealing with minor, mostly cosmetic roofing issues when they’re not financially ready for a roof replacement. Re-roofing costs are usually more manageable, though they will vary depending on specific repair needs.

What Warrants Roof Replacement?

When weighing re-roof vs. new roof options, some homeowners find that there’s only one way to do the necessary repairs: roof replacement.

In situations where accidents, fire, water damage, or mold have destroyed most of the home’s roof or the damage is significant despite only taking up a section of the top, replacement might be necessary.

To shed light on your roofing options, we welcome you to contact us at Roof Evolution. We provide the best re-roofing in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. Our professionals will evaluate your roof damage and determine whether re-roofing is an appropriate solution for your home repair needs.

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