Don't Let Leaky Roof Ruin Your Winter!

Roof Repair Leak

Winter brings wet roofs, and often homeowners take for granted that their shingles will make it through the ice, sleet, and snow. Any roof can be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and a roof leaking in winter is cause for concern. A leaky roof can cause damage to your property and grow into a costly repair if not taken care of quickly – and quick roof repairs in winter are not always an option.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Year-round common causes of roof leaks include an aging roof, clogged gutters, gutters in disrepair, chimney damage, or broken and missing shingles. In winter, dropping temperatures, ice, and snowfall can take a toll on your roof. Snow piled on rooftops often melts from the bottom and then pools on the roof due to ice buildup. Pooling water trapped under snow and blocked by ice can cause roof leaks. Another cause of winter roof leaks is poor insulation, allowing extra condensation to collect in the attic.

Issues Resulting from Roof Leaks

A damaged, leaking roof can cause water damage inside and outside your house. Short-term effects include stains and ruined drywall, quickly leading to long-term impacts like mold or structural damage. Fixing a roof in winter is challenging and often delayed due to dangerous conditions or weather requirements for some roofing supplies.

Preparing for Winter

Inspecting your roof and looking for signs of roof leaks is critical as you prepare for winter. It is essential to take proactive steps like cleaning off debris and clearing gutters for proper water drainage. Being proactive can help you identify potential issues and ensure your roof is ready to withstand the coming cold, snow, and ice. Establishing a snow and ice removal plan is essential for winter roof maintenance.

As you establish a snow and ice removal plan, keep these winter tips in mind:

  • Do not use a snow blower on the roof.
  • Do not put salt on the roof.

A snow blower can cause significant damage to the membrane of your roof. The sodium chloride or rock salt used to combat ice will damage your roof and result in poisonous runoff.

Schedule an Inspection

A pre-winter inspection by a licensed roofing company can help keep your family safe and comfortable throughout winter. Additionally, an inspection can help you avoid expensive repairs and help keep your roof in good condition through the winter months. Inspections can help identify major or minor issues with your roof. Identifying and fixing minor problems will help prevent more costly issues later.

Roof Evolution

Roof Evolution is here to help you prepare for winter with roof inspection and roofing maintenance services. We have over 25 years of experience serving commercial and residential customers in the Denver area. As a Denver, Colorado, roofing company, we are familiar with Colorado winters. Winter months often come with the questions like, “Can a roof be replaced in winter? What is the best roof material for winter?”

We are ready to help you answer all your questions about residential or commercial roofing needs. If you need an inspection, repairs, or more information about roofing services from a local roofing company, please contact us today!

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