Pros and Cons of Staying at Home During Roof Replacement/Installation

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Replacing a roof can be a major moment for homeowners, but it also comes with its fair share of hurdles. One of the biggest factors many have to consider when replacing a roof is whether you can stay at home during the process or if you’ll need to relocate. There are plenty of pros and cons to consider for staying at home during a new roof installation.

Pro: The Comforts of Home/Less Disruption

It can be tempting to stay home when having roof work on your home done. Staying home during roof replacement doesn’t risk any inconvenience from an extended period out of the home. Roofing companies will typically be careful not to disturb the residents of a home while working on their residential roofing.

Con: The Noise Levels of Roof Replacement

One factor that may cause some home life disruption, however, is the noise levels created by replacing a roof. Between hammering nails, equipment, and workers talking to one another, a residential roofing replacement will come with increased volumes in your home. This should be an important consideration, especially for families with small children or pets.

Pro: Saving Money

Leaving the house for an extended period for any reason will come with monetary implications. Spending the money for a hotel room or staying with family and spending money on food will quickly rack up additional charges that you may be able to avoid by staying home during your new roof installation.

Con: Protection from the Elements

However, depending on the season, your home will lose plenty of protection from the elements. Especially during cold or rainy seasons, your home won’t have as much natural resistance from the weather, thanks to the roof replacement. Especially during the rainy season and winter months, it may be more comfortable to find somewhere else to stay rather than risk the elements by staying at home.

Pro: A Cleaner Home

Staying home during a new roof installation allows you to be proactive with the cleanup. Dust and debris may build up in different areas of your home during a roof replacement, and being home to tackle the cleaning as it comes can save you from more work after the job is finished.

Con: More Dust and Debris

Dust and debris will be major factors to consider if you’re planning to stay home during a new roof installation. You’ll need to be extra careful about any falling debris that may come from a roof replacement, and there may be extra dust and particles that come from the work related to replacing a roof.

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